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Painting & Wallpapering


Just wanting simple little changes to the garden to finish your garden off from grass cutting, trimming hedges, clearing up, turfing or weeding and planting flowers.

Wanting your old tiles updated, even other walls tiled to change appearance of the room or even floor tiles to make a difference to the room.

Are you looking for that nice little area to have your patio furniture or even a BBQ for when that nice bit of sunny weather comes along take a look at some different styles. 

Wanting those little odd jobs done that you have been meaning to get round to but have no time let us help you out with those.

Is your old carpet getting worn or even faded we can help you change that. Even lino that has out lived its purposes or wanting change of colour that can be arranged.

If you are wanting to finish your garden off by enclosing it with a fence or you old fence is beyond repair let us help you out.

Changing the colour of your room with paint or wallpaper, wanting to add a feature wall or even having your house painted on the outside we are happy to help.

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