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Finishing Touches prides itself on making sure each customer is happy with the work that has been carried out. 

In the home wanting a few little tweaks done to finish off a room or changing the style of the whole room, we will find out what the best way to go to  match the customers needs and give advice on options that can be done to get to the end result.

If you are just wanting to tidy up your garden to get it back to the way you like or wanting a whole new look we will be happy to help. Just trimming back the grass or reshaping the hedge to drawing up plans of different styles and mixing them together if needed to get the end result that you want we plan to give you enough options to be comfortable with the finish.

Working in the same office/shop and board of  looking at the same colours day in day out we will be happy to change that for you because simple things can change the atmosphere in the workplace. Even simple things as adding more pictures to the walls can make a big difference.


We like to think we offer the best rates in the area as we call it "mates rates" for everyone if you can find it cheaper elsewhere birng us the quote and will do our best to try and match it.

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